What is the Difference Between Alzheimer’s and Dementia?

Dementia isn’t a specific disease. Instead, dementia describes a group of symptoms affecting memory, thinking and social abilities severely enough to interfere with daily functioning.

Alzheimer's disease is the cause of dementia symptoms, dementia is a syndrome

The words Alzheimer’s and dementia are often used interchangeably.

In fact, dementia is a syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease is the cause of the symptoms.

When someone is told they have Alzheimer’s or dementia, it means they have significant memory problems as well as other cognitive and behavioral issues.

Most of the time dementia is caused by Alzheimer’s disease.

Contrary to what some people may think, dementia is not a less severe problem, with Alzheimer’s disease being a more severe problem.

There is great confusion about the difference between Alzheimer’s and dementia.

In a nutshell, dementia is a syndrome, and Alzheimer’s is the cause of the symptom.

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