Staging of Dementia Severity With the Hong Kong Version of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (HK-MoCA)’s


The Hong Kong version of Montreal Cognitive Assessment (HK-MoCA) has been used to screen for dementia, but it has not been validated to delineate the stages of Alzheimer disease (AD). This study aimed to determine the cut-off score ranges for mild, moderate, and severe AD.


The HK-MoCA score was matched against the Clinical Dementia Rating on 155 patients with AD. Investigators performing the HK-MoCA and Clinical Dementia Rating were blinded to each other. Receiver-operating characteristic analysis was used to determine the cut-off scores between different stages of AD (mild, moderate, and severe stage). A secondary analysis with adjustments for age and education received were also performed.


The cut-off score in HK-MoCA was ≤4 for those with severe AD (sensitivity 84.4%, specificity 91.9%, area under curve=0.92, P<0.001) and 5 to 9 for…

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