Saliva test could provide early warning for severe COVID cases, finds study — ScienceDaily

Saliva samples could soon be key to predicting the severity of someone’s case of Covid-19, allowing hospitals to triage patients effectively, according to new research from the University of Surrey.

The research team found that amino acids in saliva could help healthcare professionals separate patients that suffer from a severe form of Covid-19 from those with milder cases. The tests currently used for Covid cannot predict severity.

Katie Longman, co-lead of the study from the University of Surrey:

“It is unlikely that we will completely eradicate this awful disease from our lives, so it remains crucial that we develop tools and processes to detect Covid-19 better and, hopefully, predict how it will impact different patients differently.

“Our experimental study has found that this non-invasive method of simply collecting someone’s saliva can accurately determine whether someone is…

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